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Looking for something completely new FUN & exciting? Something that really MOooooOoOOOVVVES?? Let's face it, it's the video age, a world of iPhones ipads, Youtube, email & facebook. All immediately accessible and alll ideal for playing MOTION VIDEO & SOUND! Wouldn't it be great if your caricature actually MOVED, like a REAL CARTOON? HARRINGTOONS DIGITAL CARICIMATIONS 
do just that!!! Watch Joe actually swing and hit the ball! 
(or miss, your choice) See Jenny dance! ( & "sing"?) 
Yes SOUND can be added! It's a digital caricature and MORE!
This is one that actually
Of course a hi res still print is also provided so you are 
actually getting BOTH! HARRINGTOONS DIGITAL CARICIMATIONS can be CUSTOM made for ANY THEME and are available for your NEXT PARTY or BUSINESS EVENT!
Introducing Caricamation! The Evolution of the Live Digital Caricature Revolution. 
You've seen caricatures, you may even have seen digital caricatures, but you haven't seen Caricamation! 
While digital caricatures are nifty-they still fail to capitalize on the potential of today's technology and multimedia, it is a still, silent image. 
Caricamation is a digital caricature that is ANIMATED AND also can have SOUND! Essentially it is a mini-cartoon customised to your company/ event! 
Not only is your company's logo in front of the eyes of your customers, your audio pitch can be in their ears as well! 
Choose from popular themes or have a completely new unique one custom designed for your needs. 
Available for all parties/ events/ trade shows/ school assemblies, etc. 

FREE gift caricamation for 1st booking of 3hrs or more.!!
Special introductory rates!
School assembly and demo package 

Call to book your event now! 
267 304 3230 


Is your event 1000 miles away, 10000 miles away, or on the other side of the globe? Looking for Digital entertainment that will draw the crowds without breaking the bank?
have my digital Caricatures there without having to pay the airfare!
If you are looking for the high-end allure of digital caricature entertainment and don't want to break the bank on paying the transportation and lodging costs, consider my NO FARE digital toons to go! The no Fare part means that you will pay absolutely no airfare, no lodging, no Per diem,

no transportation costs at all.

What IS fair is the savings your company receives!

WORKING FROM THE COMFORT OF MY HOME STUDIO, I can work for any company at any events around the world and for the most  competitive and affordable rates saving your company hundreds, even thousands of dollars in contrast to the price of flying out and lodging your entertainment! In many cases, this could cut the expense of your events entertainment in half! Digital caricature entertainment inherently has a higher cost because of many supply cost factors as well as the transportation and setting up of all the equipment .
Under this model,
Here are just a few of the things that WE will NOT be charging for –
Airfare, lodging, car rental, per diem, INK, PAPER, LANYARDS FLAT PANEL DISPLAY, etc

While we will travel anywhere to enhance your company's event, this is a nice alternative we offer to those clients both internationally and local that would like to have quality digital entertainment but prefer not to absorb the exorbitant expenses of transportation.
To sweeten the deal even further, we are offering the Animated digital Caricatures in this model as well!

Screen sharing
Skype/Google Hangouts
Live video streaming
Toons direct to print


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